3D Dental Imaging

3D dental imaging is becoming the new standard of care in dental practices. 3D radiography is technology that allows us to view the cross-section of the jaw or tooth, rather than just the vertical height apparent in regular 2D X-rays. It provides quicker and more accurate diagnoses, better treatment plans and advanced care for our patients.

Instead of sending patients for a CT scan at the hospital, iCare Dental offers this service in practice. This greatly reduces waiting times, and we use a much lower dose of radiation.

3D dental scanning is commonly used for cosmetic and restoration purposes, such as oral surgery or reconstructive therapy. 3D imaging allows us to plan and customise services for procedures such as implants, root canal and bone grafts. We also use 3D scanning to create 3D images for orthodontic treatment.

When treating patients, 3D technology gives us a superior view of what we're diagnosing and allows us to effectively determine the next step towards better treatment.

benefits of 3D imaging

Reduced radiation: 3D scanners reduce the amount of radiation the patient is exposed to since they require little time to scan.

More information: Unlike conventional techniques, dental scanners provide 3D models, which offer a lot more information than 2D images.

Exceptional accuracy: 3D images provide much greater detail compared to using moulds. Dentists are able to see pathologies, nerves, infections, musculature and more.

Efficiency: Using 3D dental scanners is much less time consuming than using traditional moulding or imaging methods.

Non-invasive: You don’t need to bite down on a plastic or mould. We are able to scan your entire head or the specific area of your mouth while you wait.

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